Real Estate Assessment Portability in Florida

IMG_9119[1]Florida has a long history of manipulating the ad valorem taxes for its property owners.  Some of these include the amount of the homestead exemption, save our homes benefit. (limits the increases in assessed value to 3% or Consumer Price Index (CPI) whichever is less), and the latest is portability, also known as the “Transfer of Homestead Assessment Difference”, is the ability to transfer the dollar benefit of the Homestead CAP from one Homestead to another. The Homestead CAP is the difference between market or just value and assessed value, often known as the Save Our Homes Benefit. You may only go only one tax year without having a homestead exemption in order to transfer your CAP.

General Information

  • There are time limits that apply – you may transfer your CAP as of January 1 of either of the 2 immediately preceding years.
  • Homestead Exemption Application required, along with the Transfer of Assessment Limitation Application (DR-501T “Transfer of Homestead Assessment Difference” application)
  • The maximum amount of CAP transfer from a single homestead is $500,000.
  • The portability benefit is based on a precentage of the difference between the just value and assessed value of the property.   Thus, the benefit is maximized when a property owner “upsize” (buying a higher valued property), but still benefits from “downsize” (buying a lower valued property) too (although not as much).
  • It can be used an unlimited number of times.
  • The Taxable Value is multiplied by millage, which is determined by local government each year.  This just shifts the tax burden to other property owners.
  • Applies to all Florida counties.


Although most people think that these changes help them to reduce their real estate tax burden, it appears to be more favorable for the richest property owners with not only limits the increases of assessed values (under save our homes) and portability favoring higher priced real estate.  In addition, the property appraiser has to hire more people to oversee the calculation of these changes.

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