Improve your Credit Score

IMG_0331I found another tool to help potential home buyers.  Its an all-inclusive financial membership that can help you realize your dreams.  The web address is  There are several services provided (some quoted ver batem from the UCES Protection Plan website) to help its clients, which include:

  1. Budgeting – it tracks your income and spending by creating a personalized budget.
  2. Credit Restoration – This service can assist you in challenging the credit bureaus to remove inaccurate, obsolete and erroneous items from your credit report. Restore your score and maximize your financial credit score. You are provided with the the exact information you need to provide to the Credit Bureau’s to use the Fair Credit Reporting Act to your advantage and dispute the mistaken negative ratings that may be preventing you from obtaining the best credit score to obtain lower your interest rates, save money and advance your credit opportunities.IMG_0500
  3. Credit Builder – Allows access to your credit report in an easy-to-understand, online format and utilize our extensive financial library and resource center to assist in increasing your financial potential. Understanding how your credit score is calculated and how to read your credit report are the first steps in improving your current standing.Credit and Monthly Payment
  4. Credit Attorney – You have access to attorneys that will evaluate your case for difficult to remove, inaccurate items on your credit report. If legitimate, they will sue the agency to clean up your report, in which case you may be entitled to compensation.

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  5. Credit Monitoring – Your interactive credit report, money manager and financial account alert system. Manage all your online accounts in one place, integrated with your credit and identity.
  6. Debt Payoff – Create a financial plan that will give you the exact payment guide to eliminate your debt quicker than you expected and save you from unnecessary interest payments. Taking into account your debt obligations and interest, the system will show you exactly how to properly allocate your money towards your monthly payments using nothing more than your current income, in order to speed up your debt payoff.
  7. Identity Monitoring – InfoArmor leads the identity protection industry with PrivacyArmor®, a proactive monitoring service that alerts you at the first sign of fraud. Get alerts for credit inquiries, accounts opened in your name, unsavory content on your social media account, compromised credentials, and financial transactions.

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  8. Financial Lockbox –  You can have access to your financial contacts and information in one central, online location that can be accessed at anytime. This organizational tool can be personalized to forward to a contact of your choice in case of emergency.
  9. NetWorth – your Net Worth by figuring out your assets and liabilities, and using our quick and simple calculations to see where you stand! Your Net Worth Report will help you continue to build your Net Worth by tracking your progress.
  10. Savings Goals – Create multiple goals within the Savings Goals system and input how often you can personally put money aside. You’ll then be shown what you need to put away each week or month to hit that goal!
  11. Will & Trust – Protect your loved ones by preparing the same Will & Trust documents you would in an attorney’s office, but from the comfort of your own home. Without an estate plan in place, these crucial choices regarding YOUR health, YOUR finances, and YOUR family are suddenly out of your control.

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  12. YFL Family Mint – Implemented in schools across America, you can now bring the FamilyMint online educational portal into your home to enhance financial knowledge among the children in your life.  This is something that is needed by rarely offered in schools today that offers an engaging way for kids to learn financial responsibility.

KW1784102f20KWweb_thumb.jpgAlthough the main service provided is Credit Restoration, the other services provided work well together to take back your financial future. A client membership with UCES is on a monthly basis with no cancellation fees. If you are interested, please click the following link: 

If you have questions or concerns, my email address is, or call me at 813.205.9280.

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