Should I use a Realtor for New Homes?

You really need to have someone on your side when buying new homes. Additionally, a realtor will also know completing properties to show you as well. Finally, the realtor‘s cost is paid by the builder (most of the time it is considered a cost of doing business) so what do you have to lose!!!

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Absolutely!!!  Here are the reasons:

  1.   You will not get a better deal without the Realtor.  Builders budget realtor commissions into their marketing budgets.  They know what percentage of their sales involve a realtor and they plan accordingly.  So thinking that you will get a better deal by going in without one is not accurate.  The builder will not give  you a better price mainly because it would ruin the appraisals for the next home they sell.  They are constantly pushing prices up, so you can forget getting a better deal than your neighbor.  In fact, if the builder is one who negotiates at all, the agents generally know when and how much they are negotiating and you do not.  The agent is there to negotiate on your behalf.
  2. Builder contracts are different.  They are designed to protect the builder.  Before you decide to sign without reading all 80 pages…

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