For Sale By Owner to save money? Sorry….doesn’t work that way.

Miranda Blogs Real Estate

Negotiation takes practice.  Even Realtors know that if they sell their own home they are too close to it, too personal, to do it correctly.  Real estate is emotional.  We are talking about parting with a place that has been home to us.  We know things about this house that nobody else knows.  We know exactly how we have maintained it, or not.  We know exactly what is going to be the next thing to break.  We have been proud of it.  We don’t look at it the same way that a stranger looks at it.  We are emotional about it.

There is nothing wrong with any of the statements above.  These feelings are to be expected.  They are normal.  When a person tries to sell his home on his own he usually makes several mistakes.  The first is that he tries to play Realtor.  He wants to walk you…

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