A Lesson in Marketing from Evel Knievel

The Neighborhood

Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.
Seth Godin

Without promotion, something terrible happens….. nothing!
P. T. Barnum

marketing lesson from evel kneivel

new music Drink in My Cup by Esman Beats, Metz France

In the 1970s, Robert Craig Knievel, epitomized and embodied what it meant to be a daredevil. Evel Knievel was his stage name, but that would be like describing Beyonce as simply a singer. Evel Knievel became an iconic term, a thrilling mix of danger and stardom.  It was a franchise as recognizable as Barbie, a $125 million dollar industry, equating to nearly a half-billion today. For young boys, being labeled an Evel Knievel became a badge of honor and a nightmare for their parents. Mr. Knievel’s career spanned an incredible 15 years,  remarkable for his death-defying feats, yet exhaustive, watching a man continuously stare down his own death. Nearly every time Evel Knievel went to work, there was a…

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