3 Critical Ways You’re Losing Referrals

Customer Loyalty isn’t Dead says it all.  I really liked this article and wanted to share it with more people.


Customer loyalty isn’t dead. People are just changing the way they communicate and it’s affecting the premise of one of the automotive industry’s most crucial forms of business development: the referral.

Transparency is at an all time high. We have access to more information at a given point in time than the kings of previous centuries. What’s more is that the pace is accelerating; with information becoming more readily available every year. From our computer monitors at home to at our fingertips on our phones. We have tangible sources for determining what businesses are legitimate (see Better Business Bureau), social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter for checking out what vehicles our inner circle of friends are approving, and tools such as CarFax and AutoCheck for checking out the history of pre-owned vehicles. Put simply, the “word of mouth” system of yesterday has become antiquated. We’re living in the…

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